Day of the Dead Printable

Day of the Dead Printable Internet resource handout with five site reviews, links to recommended resources, and related online games.

In Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Both clickable and printable. 2 pages.

What is a Printable Resource Handout?

The Surfnetkids Resource Printables (with five site reviews on a single topic) are an ideal Internet enrichment handout for teachers, homeschooling parents, librarians, scout leaders, youth leaders, summer camp counselors and YOU!

What's so great about the Surfnetkids Handouts?

  • They are both interactive and printable. They can be viewed on your computer (with clickable links) or printed and used as a handout.
  • Each printed handout fits neatly onto ONE or TWO 8.5" x 11" pages
  • No ads or other distracting junk that you get when you print a Web page or an email message.
  • You are granted unlimited classroom and home use.

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"I think they are great! Keep 'em coming! I am always willing to pay for good ideas. Thanks!" Marian Campbell

"I am a parent representative for my son's 4th grade class. Since we are year-round, parents are always looking for additional activities to do during our off time. I have printed the handouts for our instructor to distribute as we go off track this month." Laurie Provencal