American Flag Printable

American Flag Printable Internet resource handout with five site reviews, links to recommended resources, and related online games.

In Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Both clickable and printable. 2 pages.

What is a Printable Resource Handout?

The Surfnetkids Resource Printables (with five site reviews on a single topic) are an ideal Internet enrichment handout for teachers, homeschooling parents, librarians, scout leaders, youth leaders, summer camp counselors and YOU!

What's so great about the Surfnetkids Handouts?

  • They are both interactive and printable. They can be viewed on your computer (with clickable links) or printed and used as a handout.
  • Each printed handout fits neatly onto ONE or TWO 8.5" x 11" pages
  • No ads or other distracting junk that you get when you print a Web page or an email message.
  • You are granted unlimited classroom and home use.

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"I think they are great! Keep 'em coming! I am always willing to pay for good ideas. Thanks!" Marian Campbell

"I am a parent representative for my son's 4th grade class. Since we are year-round, parents are always looking for additional activities to do during our off time. I have printed the handouts for our instructor to distribute as we go off track this month." Laurie Provencal